Raj prides himself in offering excellence in the treatment of hand, wrist and elbow conditions.

He works closely with his hand therapists to provide exceptional post-operative care. Raj has specialist recognition from all major insurers.


Carpal Tunnel Decompression

Carpel Tunnel Release or Carpal Tunnel Decompression is a minor surgical treatment for symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Dupuytren’s Surgery

Dupuytren’s  surgery is a procedure to correct Dupuyten’s contracture, a condition that causes one or more fingers to bend into the palm of the hand.

Excision of Ganglion

Excision of Ganglion is a surgical procedure to remove a ganglion cyst from a patient’s hand.

Trigger finger/thumb release

Trigger finger release surgery is a procedure to correct Trigger Finger, a condition that occurs when the tendons in your hand become irritated or swollen.

Excision of soft tissue tumours

Excision of soft tissue tumours is a surgical procedure to remove a soft tissue tumours from a patient’s hand.

Trapizectomy for thumb osteoarthritis

A surgical procedure to treat thumb osteoarthritis by removing the trapezium and using a tendon in its locality to form a novel joint and an artificial ligament.

Deformity correction

Mr Bhatia performs a number of different deformity correction surgical procedures to correct the varying forms of deformity hands may experience.

Flexor and Extensor tendon surgery

Flexor and Extensor tendon surgery is a form of hand surgery to repair a damaged tendon that may be experiencing tendonitis, or in more severe cases completely reattach severed tendons.

Hand fractures and trauma

Surgery to treat hand fractures that have undergone trauma through injury.

Finger Joint Fusion

Arthritis of the finger joints can be surgically treated with a fusion procedure. Fusion keeps the problem joints from moving to eliminate the pain.

Finger Joint Replacement

Finger joint replacement surgery are generally performed to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.



Wrist Arthroscopy

A wrist arthroscopy is a type of keyhole surgery where a small telescope is passed through an incision to look inside the two main joints of the wrist to check for damage to the surfaces of joints, ligaments and cartilage.

Surgery for wrist instability

Surgical procedures to correct instabilities of the wrist cartilage. The severity of degradation dictates which surgical treatment which would be most effective. Procedures include; Percutaneous Pinning and Repair of the ligaments, Ligament Reconstruction and Wrist fusion. 

Surgery for Keinbock’s disease

Keinbock’s disease is a rare and extremely debilitating disorder, bought on by a wide variety of factors including blood supply disorders, variations in bone structure (of the wrist), wrist trauma, and a variety of different diseases such as sickle cell disease, cerebral palsy, lupus, and others. Surgery for Keinbock’s disease attempts to restore blood supply, and realign the malformed bones of a patients’ wrist.

Open reduction internal fixation of Scaphoid fractures

A surgical procedure to correct problems with a patients scaphoid bone. The scaphoid is the most commonly fractured bone in the wrist accounting for around 15% of all wrist fractures.

Wrist arthrodesis

Wrist Arthrodesis is a surgery to alleviate the symptoms of wrist arthritis, which involves bone fusion techniques. When wrist bones begin to rub together due to cartilage breakdown this causes a condition called Arthropathy. Wrist arthrodesis aims to create a stable joint through bone fusion. In this procedure the patient’s wrist is fused through the internal implantation of a metal plate which serves to hold the joint in place.

Wrist replacement surgery

Artificial wrist replacements are a treatment for sufferers of both Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis. Wrist replacement surgery is recommended for patients whose wrists have degraded to the point at which they are almost completely non-functional.

De’Quervains Release

A surgical procedure for sufferers of a condition called De’Quervains tenosynovitis. Caused by tendons at the base of the thumb rubbing into one another, De’Quervains Release surgery involves cutting the tunnel that the tendons run through, allowing the tendons more space to move freely and stop from rubbing into one another.

Distal radius osteotomy

Distal radius fractures are caused by the misalignment of the radius and ulna, the two major bones in a person’s forearm. Distal radius osteotomy is a wrist surgery procedure which is realigns these two bones.

Wrist fractures and trauma

Surgery to treat wrist fractures that have undergone trauma through injury.


Tennis and Golfers elbow release

Tennis elbow (epicondylitis) is a common musculoskeletal condition that causes pain around the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow release surgery involves operating on the patient’s tendons to alleviate any symptoms. 

Cubital tunnel decompression

Cubital Tunnel Release or Cubital Tunnel Decompression is a surgery to relieve patients suffering from Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, a condition which is also known as Ulnar Nerve Entrapment.

Radial tunnel decompression

Radial tunnel syndrome is a common elbow problem, which causes sufferers deep aching and chronic pains in their forearms. Radial tunnel decompression is a surgical procedure which involves cutting along the Radial tunnel to relieve the compression on the nerve within. 

Elbow fractures and trauma

Surgery to treat elbow fractures that have undergone trauma through injury.

Elbow replacement surgery

Elbow replacement surgery involves removing the ends of the bones which connect to the elbow so that a prosthetic can be attached and cemented into place, therefore strengthening the elbow.

Sports Injuries

Raj regularly treats patients with sports related injuries to the hand, wrist and elbow.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Raj holds combined clinics with his rheumatology colleagues. He has accumulated a vast experience in this field, expertly performing surgery in-order to improve function, reduce pain and improve cosmesis.